Awoken in the world of monstersNovel

Cory Bright, a simple young adult high schooler is about to move to the next step in his life when suddenly, he awakes in a field of flowers and monsters attack him! Before Cory can be killed, he is saved by a kobold going by the name Vex, alone and scared for his life, he must find out how he got to this strange and dangerous world called Donnotov and if there’s any way he can get back to his home…
fantasy action Harem drama character Growth romance Magic
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A young adult about to start the next chapter after close finishing high school suddenly wakes up in another world when taking a nap. no clue to how it happens, he is trap in this random world with life threating monster and interesting and unique looking humanoid people.

First 5 chaps are free, but any more are on that link, so if you want to read more, but don't worry you can wait for more to come which, I don't recommend depending how long it takes or become a Patreon and read some hot content up to you.


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