Incarnation of the Dead GodNovel

In the realm of Aetheria, where gods and mortals once coexisted, a cataclysmic event known as the Sundering shattered the divine order. The 'Dead God', once revered by many, was betrayed and slain by a cabal of ambitious deities seeking to seize power for themselves, leaving behind a desolate and cursed land known as the Wastes. The followers of the 'Dead God' were once numerous, but after their deity's demise, they were hunted down and persecuted, their once-great temples reduced to ruins. After losing everything dear to him, Kael, the chosen incarnation of the dead god, walks on a journey for revenge. In order to kill all the gods and bring the fall of heaven. Will a mortal ever accomplish the fate he desires or fall to dust like someone he admires?
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The book follows Kael, a young man who had lost everything the life gave him. His god was betrayed and murdered by higher powers, their shrine was crushed and the people of the sect were thrown to the waste, to die a fate worse than animals.

Having lost everything in the moment before his eyes, Kael embarks on a journey for his revenge on the gods, with the only purpose of "To bring heavens to fall".


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