Starfall NexusNovel

Let the fallen stars shine again.
Fantasy Sci-fi Adventure Action
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Kazumi Yuu, a gifted high school student in Japan, finds his life taking an unexpected turn when he's invited to join a massive project alongside the renowned engineer Edward Felix.

The project's aim: to create Nexus, the first-ever full-dive system, a virtual realm with endless possibilities and a narrative richness rivaling the real world.

Eager to test their creation, Kazumi shares the first prototype headset with Yuzuru Hime, a regular at the game shop where he works part-time. Together, they dive into Nexus, starting a journey that makes them question the nature of it and leave their signs behind.

As they navigate the vast, immersive world of Nexus, Kazumi and Yuzuru confront mysteries, form alliances, and face challenges that test their courage and resolve, leading to the Primes, Legendaries and the Spirits who constantly is involved with their journey there.


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