Reincarnation: I can conquer beautiesNovel

In his final year of high school, Francis Robinson seized his last opportunity to confess his feelings to the girl he had admired for three years, however, his courage led him to an unexpected revelation: she was already involved with the rich kid school bully. Devastated by this revelation, Francis' emotions overwhelmed him. Leading to a fatal accident as he crossed the street in a daze, but instead of an afterlife, Francis finds himself awakening in a mysterious room. While just looking forward he sees a middle aged man with glasses as having a lit Cigar in one hand and the other busy writing down inside a book like many other books kept in a large pile on the counter.
fantasy action kingdom building Harem War Reincarnation drama love Magic
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Fellow the story of a young man meeting a short end on earth thanks to a speeding car coming right at him while at the time himself wasn't paying attention to the incoming when it slammed into the body.

Lucky he was given another chance to live a new life in a new world as a race of beings called demi-humans. one to take the road as the greatest warrior to one be called king by others or something more than just that.


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